*Some people under a certain income bracket may be eligible for MSP benefits under BC Medical.  

We will always determine your eligibility on your initial visit or feel free to e-mail: jenny@htfchiro.com prior to your initial visit, as we can find out in a click of a button.  If you are eligible, BC Medical pays a portion of your visits and you are required to co-pay. (MSP covers $23 of the visit, up to 10 visits per calendar year). 

Healing Touch has pride in the time and energy we spend with our practice members! Book online in Kelowna at healingtouch.janeapp.com

Subsequent Visit



Your Second Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Jenny will review a report of her findings of your examination. This includes some more information about chiropractic and your health, as well as our findings and how this relates to you and your body as well as your physical and emotional health. A chiropractic adjustment follows. Plan to be here for about 45 minutes.

Please note that, due to available time slots when booking, logistics, etc., this report may not be performed until the third or fourth visit. 

Subsequent Visits

When you return on your second visit, Dr. Jenny will be able to review your case, let you know if we can help and give you a suggested treatment plan. We will also answer any questions you may have. Each visit Dr. Jenny is helping you get better! A typical visit will be much shorter, but just as important to you and your health.

Your First Visit

For your first visit, visit our online booking system, Jane: (healingtouch.janeapp.com) She will direct you to online paperwork to fill out. If you prefer to book directly with us, you can e-mail jenny@htfchiro.com and we can set up a time and then Jane will send out the links. To keep things efficient, we don't use a phone anymore so online booking and email are the only options for getting ahold of us. *You will require a VISA or MASTERCARD to do the booking. *Please note that after you enter the 347 Leon Avenue building, we are located in the corner to the right. For your first appointment, Dr. Jenny will then expand on your paperwork by taking a detailed history, provide an explanation of chiropractic and healing and will perform a detailed spinal examination including posture analysis, ranges of motion, muscle testing and motion palpation.

Most patients are adjusted on the first visit unless it is more appropriate to refer you out for x-rays or to see another health practitioner.  After your adjustment, Dr. Jenny will allow you time to rest and heal and integrate the adjustment, allowing your body to begin repairing and healing on it's own.

Once you are done, we will collect your payment (click of a button having your CC on file) and or direct bill and book your follow up appointment (or you can do this online prior to or after your appointments).  Be sure to bring your BC health care card, relevant past clinical notes/reports from previous chiropractors and any information related to your current health status.  A photocopy of a list of your medications is helpful.  Plan to be here between 60-75 minutes.

Initial Visit




Healing Touch Family Chiropractic Fees

Losing anything, especially your health, will require an investment of your time and money to recover it. Rest assured that our fees are competitive with other offices in the Kimberley area.

Regular Rate, Adult

Kid's Rate (0-10)

Consultation for orthotics