I am passionate about assisting pregnant moms, babies and families through holistic chiropractic care. With being a birth doula, I am blessed to assist with and witness the births of some of my pregnant mamas.

I am happy to see people of all ages and have some of the most laughs with my senior patients.

You will get to visit with the calm, healing, practice dogs, Clara, a rescued dog from the streets of Mexico, and Dexter who was born in Kimberley, BC, on most visits at HTFC.  They are my companions and get me out for hikes, walks, lake and snow adventures.  I am very grateful to have a lot of family in Kelowna (which is what brought me here) and am comforted by the close proximity of their love and support.

Personally ...

Outside of being a chiropractor, I am getting to know the Okanagan.  Hiking with my dogs,skiing,snowboarding, dancing, having tea or lunch with friends, traveling, learning new healthy recipes, meeting like minded folks within the birthing, yoga and spiritual communities, practicing yoga or sitting quietly in meditation keeps me busy. I am on a lifelong learning journey about myself and helping others and am open to admit that I am an ex-amazon.com book, CD, and movie buying junkie.  As such, I have an extensive loaning library with excellent birth resources as well.  I love being a small business owner where I finally am able to create a space that reflects me and my passions and allows integration from all of my previous life and practice experiences.

As part of my own health regime, I regularly seek out chiropractic care among other health professionals.  I get out walking daily and make sure to have quiet time every day for quiet contemplation/meditation.  I enjoy making healthy smoothies and make my own kombucha and perform a variety of cleanses/detoxes 1-2 times a year.  Every day, I take a variety of supplements and will be stocking up the practice with supplements, hot packs, essential oils, pillows and will continue to bring in extra goodies available to buy as my business grows.

I'm grateful that you've taken the time to visit our site.  In my eighteen years of practicing, I've seen and heard many, but I am interested and looking forward to hearing YOUR story...We are excited to serve you and your family. To make an appointment please book online:

                                                    or email dr jenny at jenny@htfchiro.com today!

My Goals for You

Through my chiropractic practice, I hope to assist people wherever they are on their individual life and health journeys and I want them to feel comfortable being at that place. I believe through equal amounts of support and challenge that people can grow and make changes. We provide a comfortable relaxing space which allows people to open up to the true underlying causes of their aches/pains/various symptoms. We are dedicated to teaching people not only about their physical bodies, but of their body-mind-spirits and how physical, emotional and chemical stresses, including unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles, are showing up in their physical bodies.

We want to remove any interferences disrupting the body's inner wisdom, 'reconnect' brain and body through the nervous system , allowing proper body functions but also ultimately allowing the person to reconnect with themselves and learn how their bodies intuitively guide them to true health if they remember to learn the signals.  My most satisfying days are when I witness practice members getting to know their authentic selves, and begin making choices that are in their best interests. It's exciting to see people 'wake up' to their life's purpose, to who they truly are and I'm grateful to be there to assist in this personal journey of exploration and learning.  I relate from my own experiences and share from personal as well as professional experiences.

It gives me great satisfaction to have the tools to help people of all ages to feel better and learn about themselves. I believe it's important to make a difference early in life to teach children how to live healthy, setting the stage for their lifespan.

Dr. Jenny enjoys assisting people on their journeys at any stage. Her passion and specialty is assisting pregnant moms, babies, kids and families.  Dr. Jenny was able to work with the midwives in Cranbrook (and is getting to know them and everyone in the birth community in Kelowna) who often referred their clients to Healing Touch, finding that chiropractic care really benefitted their clients throughout their pregnancies and postpartum period.  Dr. Jenny brings personal experience assisting at births as a birth doula along with her innate deep passion for helping pregnant moms have healthy pregnancies, labours, births and postpartum experiences. With also being a birth doula, Dr. Jenny has experienced the current challenges we are facing with higher than what it should be caesarian sections and feels strongly in assisting to reduce those numbers in any help that she can offer to bring babies into our world as gently and lovingly as possible.

...I decided to go to Chiropractic college, but now we regularly discuss the incredible never-ending journey of learning and healing that I embarked on. I always intuitively knew that I wanted to help people. At the time of making post secondary school choices, my mother was going to a chiropractor for symptoms that the medical community and their advanced studies couldn't figure out. It turned out that the carbon monoxide leak in our basement had created a chemical stress in my Mom's body.  It was through her chiropractic care that her nervous system and healing was activated allowing her body to remove the chemicals which essentially brought her 'back to life' as she hadn't been herself for some time. This propelled me to do some research and it really made sense to me then, that, in order for the body to function properly, understanding that the nervous system controls everything in the body and the vertebrae of the spine protect it, that if the bones in the back were properly aligned through chiropractic care, that the body will function at it's best and people will feel better and be more healthy.

First Hand Experience

In my own first experience with my Mom's chiropractor I felt relief from studying for university finals which usually left me tired and sore for weeks! Because my mother's chiropractor, Dr. Anne, was a young female who worked part time while raising her two children, I got excited for this as a career choice for myself, seeing that it could allow room for having a family and a career to which I aspire.  Dr. Anne invited me to job shadow and allowed me to assist with patients, by preparing them for their adjustments using a massaging instrument. I recall, vividly, looking around  the room, picturing myself providing this natural form of healthcare to help others and at the same time feeling and knowing that I was on the right path.

At the ripe age of 19, I set off from St. Albert, Alberta and moved to San Jose, California to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic West. At 19, the idea of living in California was quite appealing, but also, after researching quite a few of the colleges, I resonated with the Palmer philosophy and felt comforted by the high percentage of Canadians who attended and achieved high grades on their Canadian board exams allowing for the future potential to return to practice in Canada with an American education. I had no idea that I would begin to view myself and health and lifestyle so dramatically different from what I had known nor did I realize just how much I would learn outside of school, being one of the youngest students at the college at the time. I loved living in California and feeling that I was surrounded by cutting edge knowledge but it was the subtleties of living on the west coast that shaped my personality into who I am today, wanting lifestyle and healthy living in balance with work.

I'll never forget the first time I walked into the gross anatomy lab on my first tour of college and a student and future lifelong friend, picked up an arm of one the cadavers and waved hello to make me feel welcome! I surprised myself by continuing to walk forward and embrace the experience instead of running out the opposite direction! I hadn't realized the extent of depth of knowledge of the physical body that I would learn until that moment.

My engineer father had his concerns that I would live a life filled with controversy when ...