Effectiveness varies from patient to patient.  We have many adjusting options to adapt to your individual comfort and requirements.  The primary adjusting techniques we use include:

Chiropractors adjust spines to reduce stress to the nervous system.  There are several ways to accomplish this:

Dr. Jenny has relocated to downtown Kelowna after serving the East Kootenays since 2006 through exceptional Chiropractic care.

2. Wellness Care

More and more practice members are arriving with wellness goals in mind, without having any symptoms, searching for ultimate health and function and wellbeing.  Wellness care visit frequency varies from person to person, but, involves regular spinal check ups with less focus on bandaid solutions and more focus on body mind spirit.

Dr. Jenny Beatty brings over 19 years of chiropractic experience after graduating from Palmer West in San Jose, California in 2000.  She has practiced in San Diego, has traveled and assisted other chiropractors being a relief Chiropractor throughout Australia and New Zealand, and has settled into associate positions in Calgary, Alberta as well as Cranbrook, BC before opening up Healing Touch Family Chiropractic in Kimberley in 2009.  Recently, Dr. Jenny has been relieving Chiropractors that have injured themselves or have gone on holidays throughout Kelowna as well as Nanaimo, Campbell River, Nelson, Kamloops and Salmon Arm and is now happily settling into her practice in Kimberley with clinic hours available in Kelowna. She fell in love with the BC lifestyle and culture and is finding like minded people in both places. 

​​Without our health, we have nothing:  Healing Touch offers  two easy options for you.  The choice is yours:

If you know of a technique that you prefer, let me know!  Usually, it is mixture of techniques used at Healing Touch!

Easy to book online with a click of a button: 

1. Relief Care

Most people first arrive with the need for relief.  Relief care finds the cause of your symptoms and like a bandaid, patches you up, and assists the body's own healing systems to allow proper function and health.  Chiropractic care increases range of motion, reduces pain and inflammation and removes anything interfering with your innate healing wisdom, allowing you to be your best self.

You're The Boss

The choice is yours!  I see people of all ages, with varied goals and expectations.  It's your body and your health.  I am here to serve you and look forward to hearing your unique story! Book online at healingtouch.janeapp.com or e-mail us at jenny@htfchiro.com today!

Diversified:  This is the traditional Chiropractic technique involving levers and positions to help create movement in your spine.

Thompson Terminal Point: You know this one!  It's the famous drop table that so many of you have experienced here!  It is less energy output to achieve the same goal!

Sacro Occipital Technique:SOT is using 'blocks' or 'wedges' to slowly make changes in the spinal structures.

Activator Methods®:  This is affectionately referred to as the 'clicker', using a low force instrument to correct spinal misalignments.

Webster technique: *Dr. Jenny is trained in a specific technique that assists pregnant moms and has taken additional training for pregnant patients, babies and family care